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US Copyright Office Launches Copyright Claims Board Website

The US Copyright Office recently launched a website for the Copyright Claims Board.


In 2020, Congress passed the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act (CASE Act). Under the CASE Act, the Copyright Office established a Copyright Claims Board (CCB), a three-member tribunal within the Copyright Office that will settle disputes up to $30,000 (hence, "small claims"). The CCB is an alternative forum to litigation that is supposed to be a more efficient and user-friendly option to settle smaller copyright disputes. Writers should learn more about the CCB, since that will be where the vast amount of copyright disputes will occur.

Website Features

The website is a user's one-stop shop for their CCB claim. It features, among other things:

  • Information for accessing or starting a claim.

  • Information about responding to claims.

  • Information about opting out of claims.

  • A Copyright Claims Board handbook.

  • A designated service agent directory (for those who are "designated" to receive CCB claims).

  • Library and archive opt-out directory (remember, libraries and archives may preemptively opt out of claims before any are brought against them).


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