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Louisiana Enacts Right of Publicity Statute

On June 15, 2022, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards signed the Allen Toussaint Legacy Act into law, which prevents commercial use of an individual's identity without that person's (or person's authorized representative) consent. In particular, a person can prevent the following from being used commercially:

  • Name

  • Voice

  • Signature

  • Photograph

  • Image

  • Likeness

  • Digital Replica.

Like certain states such as California and New York, Louisiana's law continues after an individual's death. Importantly, it applies to individuals living in Louisiana and their decedents who live in Louisiana. The right of publicity can be licensed, assigned, and inherited. It also expires 50 years after a person's death, or sooner if not lawfully used for three consecutive years after death. It also expires at the individual's death concerning performance in audiovisual works.

The law is effective on August 1, 2022.


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