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Library Group Sues Texas County Over Book Bans

A group of library supporters filed suit in federal court against officials in Llano County, Texas claiming several book bans violated their constitutional rights. The lawsuit alleges that county officials banned books because they disagreed with the books' contents. The group also claims that the library board terminated access to the libraries' OverDrive account (which offered access to thousands of books) because county officials couldn't choose the book titles available to county residents. Moreover, the group claims that county officials wrongly fired a librarian for refusing to remove banned books from library shelves. Perhaps the biggest allegation is the claim that county officials dissolved the library board for a new board with "political appointees" supportive of the book ban, which has allegedly ordered all new books to be presented and pre-approved before it can appear on library shelves. The public also has allegedly been denied access to the board's meetings. The group seeks a declaratory judgment that the county violated their First and Fourteenth Amendment rights, as well as injunctive relief. You can read the complaint here.

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