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Copyright Office Issues Final Regulations Necessary for Copyright Claims Board to Begin

Earlier this week, the US Copyright Office issued a final rule establishing regulations for proceedings before the Copyright Claims Board (CCB) pursuant to the Small-Claims Enforcement Act (CASE). The final rule dealt with active proceedings and post-determination proceedings, including:

  • Party management (e.g., party conduct, joining a claim, etc.).

  • Proceedings management (e.g., limiting the amount of claims a party may bring, amendments to pleadings, etc.).

  • Evidence issues (e.g., discovery disputes, written testimony, etc.).

While these details will be something your attorney will likely care about, what matters to you is that this is the final step before the CCB can begin.

The CCB is important because it is a forum for smaller copyright claims (less than $30k), which is an alternative designed to be more accessible to copyright holders without formal legal training. Writers should learn more about this, given that many copyright claims will be within the CCB's scope. For more information, see Copyright Small Claims and the Copyright Claims Board | U.S. Copyright Office.

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