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5 Tips Before Signing Your Book Editor Agreement

Authors, have you thought about having an editor review your manuscript? Here are a few things to think about before signing:

  1. The scope of the agreement. That is, what specifically will the editor be doing? Will the editor be working on one work or multiple works? Will the editor be working on developmental edits, copyedits, or both.

  2. Payment. Will you be paying the editor a flat fee or per word? Also ask the editor what the payment schedule is. Is everything paid up front or when certain milestones are achieved?

  3. Timeline. How long will the edit take?

  4. Confidentiality. When divulging your book to an editor, you should have the editor contract have a confidentiality provision or even better have the editor sign a separate NDA.

  5. Termination. Request that you have recourse in case the agreement is terminated. For example, are you entitled to a refund or a portion of a refund if you're not happy with the edits?

If you have any questions, Perry Law can help you negotiate your contract with confidence. Contact us here.


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