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How Can a Literary Lawyer Help You?

Literary lawyers are unique. We help book and and magazine publishing professionals, such as publishers, authors, agents, and editors. Literary lawyers are different than agents in that they usually come into the fold when you have a legal issue or a legal question to be answered. An agent's main goal is to sell your book to an editor. With that said, literary lawyers can help you in a lot of ways. A literary lawyer can help you with the following:

Negotiating and drafting your contract

Literary lawyers can help you negotiate and/or draft all types of publishing contracts, such as:

  • Traditional publishing agreements

  • Self-publishing agreements

  • Hybrid publishing agreements

  • Editor agreements

  • Ghostwriting agreements

  • Collaboration agreements

  • Illustrator agreements

  • Option agreements

  • Work-for-hire agreements

  • Merchandise agreements

  • illustrator agreements

  • Audiobook agreements

  • Translation agreements

  • Permissions agreements

  • Release forms

Review Your Book for Legal Issues

Literary lawyers can help vet your book for legal issues like:

  • Copyright infringement

  • Trademark infringement

  • Libel

  • Right of privacy/publicity violations

Help You Start Your Publishing Company

Are you thinking of starting a publishing company, or a ghostwriter service? Perhaps your dream is to be a freelance editor. Literary lawyers can help you draft agreements for your publishing-related agreements like:

  • Work-made-for-hire agreements

  • Independent contractor agreements

  • Distribution agreements

  • Traditional/hybrid publishing agreements

  • Ghostwriting agreements

  • Editorial agreements

  • Permissions agreements

  • Release forms

I hope this helps you in determining what value a literary lawyer can bring to you. If you have any questions, contact me at 914-775-8774 or email me at


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