Take a moment to read what our clients say about us:

  • Nan - After seeing Joe in a webinar about copyright laws, I called him to clarify copyright issues in my first book and decipher the publishing contract. These legal necessities were scary stumbling blocks for me, but he made me feel safe with his knowledge, calm demeanor, and patience. Joe is very approachable, and I felt I'd made the right choice in contacting him. I highly recommend his services. I'm keeping his number close by! 


  • Jay - Joseph was super helpful in figuring out what the contracts I was signing actually meant and learning the wording to advocate for in future contracts. Really glad I contacted him.

  • Lauren: I'm glad I chose Joseph Perry to conduct a legal review of my nonfiction book manuscript. Joe went above and beyond to complete the project in a timely manner, making suggestions and responding to my questions and concerns. His expert analysis has given me greater confidence to move forward with the publishing process. I highly recommend him and would not hesitate to use his services again.

  • Kelly: I contacted Joe through ASJA to review a contract for a writing assignment. He provided a prompt, clear, and thorough explanation of the contract language, answered all of my questions, and was pleasant to work with. I would recommend him to other writers navigating and negotiating contracts with publishers.

  • Jill: I was looking for an experienced literary attorney to handle drafting several contracts for my independent publishing press; I absolutely found one in Joseph Perry. He is knowledgeable, professional, meets deadlines, and most importantly, very responsive.​

  • Chris: Joseph Perry was hardworking and conscientious on my behalf, meticulously going over my manuscript to make certain my liability was at a minimum and protection from lawsuits at a maximum. He is also kind, capable and a pleasure to work with. I have already recommended him to one writer colleague and will continue to recommend him to more.

  • Grace: I reached out to Joseph Perry when I received my first traditional book offer. As a novice I did not know what to expect from a publishing contract. Joe immediately relieved the stress that comes along with negotiating and understanding a contract. He was a true professional, always available, thorough and responsive. He was enthusiastic to work with me and had my best interest in mind. Joe made several suggestions of language that could be added to the contract, which I then discussed with my publisher. Because of Joe's review and explanation of the contract language I was able to sign with confidence and move forward with my publishing deal. I was extremely satisfied with Joe's services. I would highly recommend him to any author looking for legal advice. I plan to stay in close contact with Joe and he will be the first person I reach out to if I am ever in need of legal advice as I delve into my career as an author. It is truly comforting to know that I have Joe as a reference if ever the need should arise. Reaching out to him was one of the best decisions I have made thus far.


  • Cynthia: "As an author negotiating my first publishing contract, Joseph Perry gave me incredible peace of mind as he helped me through the process. I’m grateful for his literary experience, his legal advice, and personal encouragement. I recommend having him on your team!"


  • Alyse: “Joe was a pleasure to work with. He helped me understand more about the book publishing process and explained concepts in the contract (both so I knew what I was signing and so I knew for the future too.) Joe was efficient and understanding of my budget which was so helpful as a first-time author. I really appreciate his expertise and support in this process and highly recommend working with him!"


  • Danielle: “I met Joe at a time when I was desperately needing someone who could help with simple things that were holding me back from self-publishing my book, such as what permissions were actually needed and how to get them.  Joe went above and beyond what I expected - helping me with careful consideration until each detail was complete.  I had been flailing around in the darkness of confusion where no-one seemed to know how to help me, but Joe knew just what to do.  I am very grateful for his understanding, his availability, and his sincere effort to meet my needs.”


  • Vincent: “I engaged Mr. Perry to review a technical book proposal contract. His high level of professionalism was efficient to both the publisher and me. His timely review of the contract language, followed by phone discussions, worked very well. He pointed where language should be accepted or provided alternative wording. It was a pleasure to work with Joe, and I would highly recommend him for similar services.”


  • Alyssa: "Joe was incredibly quick to respond to my initial email and review my contract, and he was very thorough in the contract review. He stayed on top of the process when the publisher was taking a bit of time, so I was never left wondering where things were. I also felt comfortable working with him - he was friendly and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my colleagues who are writing books, and actually I already have recommended him to one."